Every day thousands of people wonder if it is possible to work from home with the PC. Those who ask themselves these questions have classic work as an employee in mind. A job of 8 hours where the entry, the exit is stamped and after a month the salary is collected. He therefore expects to find a company that offers a job to do at home. In reality, this is not the case. It is obviously possible to work from one’s own home, provided one is willing to change mentality. In fact you can work from home with a PC and the Internet just by setting up on your own, because in Italy the companies that hire home workers practically do not exist.
How do you work from home seriously? First of all you have to discard all those fake opportunities that make you work and don’t pay you, or they pay you a few cents. What are the fake opportunities? There are thousands of them: data entry, address transcription, PTC, surveys, MLM, forex, network, marketing, etc. Some are real scams, while others are a waste of time because you earn a few cents working as slaves or you don’t earn anything. 99% of the people who come across these fake activities end up wasting time (and in some cases even money) and then find themselves, after a few weeks, at the starting point. These are not serious jobs: you earn much more by asking for alms.
Attention, we are not saying here that they are all scams. For example, if you respond to surveys then they pay you seriously. The speech to do is another: all these activities represent a huge waste of time because they produce ridiculous gains. Moreover, at best, they are odd jobs that do not guarantee a fixed salary. On the other hand, on the Internet, you can use your time much better by starting a serious online business. Of course, setting up on one’s own is difficult but it is not impossible. With the right skills, avoiding making the most common mistakes, anyone can start their own business working on the Internet and without large investments. Creating a job with the web is now available to everyone. Here’s what you can do with the Internet:

  • selling physical products online
  • selling virtual products online
  • sale of advertising space
  • online consulting

the first example is quite obvious: an online store opens and products are sold on the Internet. You can sell all over Italy or, if you wish, even abroad. The second case is less obvious: what are virtual products? We are talking about infoproducts, that is products made with information. The best known infoproducts are ebooks: anyone can write an ebook and put it for sale online. Can you cook? Write a cooking ebook. Do you have a green thumb? Write an ebook on plant cultivation. Can you play an instrument? Write an ebook that teaches you to play that instrument. The examples that could be done are many. Remember that you don’t need to be a graduate expert in who knows what discipline. If you have a passion, a hobby, on that topic you will surely know more than 99% of the people.
Obviously, the more skills and experience you have in one sector, the greater the chances of success. Don’t want to write ebooks or take courses? Then you can earn by selling advertising space. All you need to do is open a blog about a topic you know and have it visited by as many people as possible. The more visitors to your blog, the more you earn. If you want more information on infoproducts, on online earnings and on starting an online business, I suggest you read the other articles on this blog, because I’ve talked about these topics several times

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