Who founded Google ? By whom was it invented? And above all, how did a small silicon valley startup conquer the world in so few years?

How many times a day do we use the internet to search for “information”? According to some research by the same American company, over 100 billion searches are made every month !! By now we do not even realize it anymore, but our daily life has become ” search centric “, that is, research on the internet has become an integral part of anything we do …

Another striking fact is that about 65% of world searches are made through Google and in Italy this percentage reaches 95% !!! Google is the real owner of the web!

Think for a moment about a world without Google

When we access Google we find ourselves facing a minimalist blank page, without ads, without frills, where you just need to enter whatever is going through your head and then click on search. In a few seconds, the world and “knowledge” opens up before our eyes through a screen.

Until a few years ago it seemed like science fiction and today it is “normal! But…

“Think for a moment about a world without Google”

Here, it takes just a moment to become aware of the power this company has!

The reasons for Google’s success: from a small startup to a global giant

Google is one of the most striking stories of modern entrepreneurship . There are at least three reasons for this unprecedented success in the history of the web and business.

The first was certainly that of being able to solve, better than others, the main problem that had “internet” on its beginnings. The network, in fact, was at that time an endless list of links and being able to find information was an almost impossible mission.

The second reason has to do with the ease of use unit to the impressive ability to return relevant results. It was in fact this factor that determined the outperformance of Yahoo! who had invented the first search engine in history for 2 years in advance .

Third reason, the silicon valley system. Let’s face it clearly, if Google had been born in any other country in the world in its place today there would be some other American company .. same argument obviously also applies to other web giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc. etc.

Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Google today

That of Page & Brin is one of the most incredible business stories of all time . Starting from a simple business idea and in just twenty years of activity, Google has generated an unprecedented wealth in history.

Today, with a turnover of around 75 billion dollars, Google is one of the most famous and powerful companies in the world , both in terms of value and innovation and creativity.

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