What do I have to consider when buying a leather pants?

When buying a motorcycle pants you have to choose between different types and also you should know what to buy. There are some principles or conditions that you should strictly follow to buy a safe and high quality motorcycle pants. I explain the most important principles to you here.

The above-mentioned different types of motorcycle pants all have different advantages and disadvantages. However, the most popular and safest solution is the leather pants and this has proven itself for years.

Advantage of Lederhosen

The leather pants are the safest and most popular motorcycle pants in the world, of course, has its reason. Genuine leather is extremely resistant to tearing and abrasion, which means that in the event of a fall, the fabric will not rupture and will not burn into your skin. This ensures the leather pants optimal protection and is therefore well without aramid (extremely tear-resistant fabric which is used in jeans and textile pants) well. If you choose leather pants then you have the highest safety standard you can imagine. Of course, the whole thing is reflected in the price.

If you buy a motorkleding leather pants, but you have to pay attention to a few things.

Fit & fit

A motorcycle pants should always fit snugly and never flutter. In leather, it is sometimes uncomfortable to wear tight pants, the material is also quite warm in the summer and a long drive. On the other hand helps a breathable pants, of which there are already many. These are leather pants that have also sewn an air permeable fabric inside. Nevertheless, it has to be said that motorcycle leather pants will never be as air permeable and breathable as textile pants.

For the right fit you should “test sit” the pants on a motorcycle to know if everything fits. Ask yourself the question: Are the pants over my ankles? Does the pants on the shoes or are there still uncovered skin?


The protectors protect you from falling and thus your bones from breaking. Also for the leather pants applies, protectors on knees and hips should always be present. Check if the protectors are tight and do not slip.

Safety seams

The safety seams should also reinforce even with a high quality leather pants. A safety seam is a second seam that holds the pants together should tear a seam in the fall. As a result of a fall, sometimes the seam breaks at important points.

The safety seam you see only if you look at the inside of the legs of the pants. Make sure that every important place is protected with safety seams. The most important parts are the pant leg and crotch.


The front zipper on the front should always be covered by a sturdy fabric. Because of a fall, even the zipper tears open.

If you have ever decided on a different kind of motorcycle pants then just take a look at the advantages of your respective dream trousers.

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