/The Death of the ATM and the Advent of Mobile Payment

The Death of the ATM and the Advent of Mobile Payment

People have always preferred electronic money and credit cards to prefer the rustling of cash! In recent years, on the other hand, there has been an increasing use of ATMs and prepaid credit cards.

Trend also conformed by the latest statistical data that reveal how our country is the number one in Europe for the use of ATMs and prepaid cards while it is the last for the use of credit cards.

These data, however, do not yet take into consideration what will in a few years time revolutionize access to our credit lines: mobile payment !

The end of cash?

In recent times, the use of cash has considerably decreased! The reasons are different: on the one hand, for example, the various legislative provisions have imposed the possibility of withdrawing sums only below 1000 euros in cash; on the other hand, electronic money offers security and practicality not comparable to cash!

A further study would deserve the increasing use of complementary coins , but this is another story!

However, it is very interesting to consider that this trend is still in its infancy and that perhaps what will allow us to say goodbye to wallets and purses definitively is the smartphone! Curious?

The new frontier of mobile payment

In the most technologically advanced countries it is not uncommon to watch, while in line at the checkout, to pay for purchases via smartphone! This trend is widespread, especially among the chains of large consumer goods stores, even if it is finding fertile ground even in small businesses!

It is undoubtedly an extremely practical payment method and above all within the reach of anyone who knows how to hold a telephone! In other words, mobile transactions are no longer the future, but the present!

The main mobile payment technologies

At the moment the 2 technologies that are most widespread in the mobile payment sector are the near-field communication (NFC), developed by the company of the same name and present on Android and iBeacon systems owned instead of the Apple galaxy.

The struggle between Android (user of NFC) and Apple is therefore also extended to this new field.

The slow death of debit and prepaid cards (plastic)

Even if the disappearance of ATM and prepaid cards is practically inevitable, it must be said that consumers are often slow to adopt new technologies and this case is certainly no exception.

In addition to the diffusion of mobile payment, there are some obstacles to contain such as privacy and security. The path to mass dissemination of these technologies has just begun and will undoubtedly be accelerated by the credit multinationals.

Entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and startuppers consider that now it’s just a matter of time, so keep up to date!