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Are you about to start an online business? Well, carefully choose your market niche, but for goodness sake: don’t throw yourself on the “online earnings” because it would be a nefarious and potentially bankruptcy choice. Today I decided to show you once and for all because online earnings don’t work .

As you surely know, a market is a group of people willing to spend to buy goods and / or services. A market niche, on the other hand, is a subset of that market. If we take the market for musical instruments as an example, a niche could be that of electric guitars or guitar accessories (strings, picks, effects, etc.).

Let’s go on the Internet. If I talk to you about creating websites, you have a clear idea of ​​the type of goods processed: there are websites (products), there are web site developers (sellers) and there are people who want to own a website. (buyers). If I talk to you about the online earnings market instead, what do you think the goods and services you can find inside it? Good question, isn’t it?

The answer is this: there is no online profit market . What exists instead, is the market for courses and methods for making money online. You are there? The products are the courses, the people who teach are the sellers and the people who want to earn are the buyers. Within this market there are niches (for example infoproducts or forex).

Marketing people know that if a market exists, there is also a target audience (potential buyers). For example, in the niche market for guitar accessories, the target is composed of professional and amateur musicians. If we talk about earning money online, things are different. The number one mistake everyone makes is to believe – mistakenly – that the target is immense: after all everyone is eager to earn and therefore everyone is a potential buyer, right? Mistaken! In fact we analyze the real target:

  1. Minor boys : people without money who want to make some change (perhaps clicking on banners or bringing visits to various websites)
  2. Website managers : people who want to round up (perhaps with AdSense or with affiliations) or amortize the costs of the web space
  3. Holy Grail researchers : in technical jargon they are called “browsers”. It is those who have heard around that it is possible to make money on the Internet but do not know how to do it and are always looking for something that does not exist (and therefore navigate between one blog and another in search of information)
  4. Internet marketing purists : those who actually deal with Internet marketing or SEO for companies and who do not like to feel assimilated to “those of online earnings”. These people will treat you with hostility or sufficiency
  5. Wary: people who in 2011 still wonder if it is really possible to make money online (these are people who will sleep soundly for life)
  6. Scammed : people who have lost money trying to earn at the casino, poker, buying ebooks of dubious utility, etc.
  7. People who are not willing to spend: those who believe that all information should be free (“all free” information on the Internet)
  8. People who want to round up : those who do not want to invest a single euro to start an online business (students, housewives, unemployed, etc.). They are all those who repeat in pappardella, the mantra: “you don’t have to spend money to work”. These people have not understood anything, because any entrepreneurial activity requires an initial investment (which on the Internet is really ridiculous)
  9. Potential buyers : people who have realized that there is something true in all this and would like to set up a solid Internet business

As you can well see, among these 9 categories of people, there are 3 who do not take a good look at those who deal with online earnings (wary, scammed and purists), 2 who are not willing to spend a euro (those completely free online and those who want to round up), 1 who is not really able to spend (minors), 1 who is interested in a very specific niche (website managers), 1 who could be a potential buyer, but who will never spend one euro (the researchers of the Holy Grail). We are therefore talking about a sector that is nothing short of limping. Do you understand now why Google has decided to close the AdWords accounts of those who promise online earnings? Because it is a false market. Of hot air. Google instead is a company and is aimed at companies.

Now, in this context, where do I stand? Well, I would like to address the only category of real potential buyers possible: all those who have understood that Internet marketing is not only useful to companies, but also to people . My target is formed by people who have understood that on the Internet it is possible to create an entrepreneurial activity, making use of tools, methodologies and strategies borrowed in part from real Internet marketing and partly from the experience of those who have started a successful online business. I hope I have clarified once and for all

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