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My readers continually surprise me: we publish articles full of content (almost complete guides) and these are totally ignored. Then write a trivial article, thrown almost like a blog filler and get a lot of appreciative comments from people. It happened to me several times. The reason is simple: what you like, may not be of interest to others. That’s why today I had the idea of ​​writing a simple simple post on how to make money on the Internet. I would never read it because I consider it trivial, but maybe it’s different for you. Can it be of interest?

Making money on the Internet is very difficult, but at the same time it’s very easy! Some time ago, I wrote a post with the title: earning online is very easy . It was not very understood, because many people are convinced that making money online is very difficult. Some even consider it impossible. The truth is that the principles of online earning are extremely simple, while the techniques and strategies for successful earning are complicated . Is this clearer?

The point is that the principles are repeated so many times that they are obvious in the end. So obvious as to be ignored! The principles of online earnings are these:

  • A profitable market niche
  • A valid Product or service (one of the “4 P” of the marketing mix)
  • point of sale like a site, a blog, a platform like YouTube, etc. (another “P”)
  • Traffic and then Promotion (another “P”)
  • A system to retain customers (for example the famous list)
  • A marketing strategy

Here is summarized the online earnings scheme. End of speeches. Believe me, I could finish the post here. These principles that I have summarized now, are a bit like those famous aphorisms of the wise and famous philosophers: inside a sentence there is a deep meaning that would require a whole book to explain it. In fact it is easy to say that we need to operate within a profitable market niche, but the niche must be sought and analyzed. It is easy to say that a blog is needed, but the blog must be created, managed and promoted. Everything must then be seasoned with a marketing strategy, otherwise you will never make money. I repeated it to the point of nausea: no one will ever try to sell a toothpaste by saying that it cleans its teeth. It should be differentiated from other toothpaste manufacturers. Your toothpaste needs to whiten your teeth, eliminate bleeding gums, reduce calculus by 99%, repair teeth, eliminate cavities, refresh breath … straighten crooked teeth! We understood each other.

Many people do not like to sell … well, but if you think about it this is absurd. You continually sell yourself, only you are not aware of it . Do not you believe it? You sell yourself when:

  • Make a job interview
  • Write a resume
  • Try to conquer a woman (and vice versa)
  • Try to be nice
  • Try to convince someone of the goodness of your idea
  • Take an exam (school, driving license, English course, etc.)

Here, before selling a product or service, you have to sell yourself. This thing in marketing takes the name of “brand positioning”, that is positioning of the brand . Years ago, if you asked to think of toothpaste, people would say “Durbans” or “Colgate”. The first brand had coined a phrase that still today is part of the common lexicon: “smile Durbans”. If you go to Google you will realize that someone even asked on Yahoo Answers: “what does the phrase smile Durbans mean?” (These are certainly young people who have not lived through the times of Carosello).

There are dozens and dozens of toothpaste brands. This means only one thing: competition. The brand of toothpaste that manages to creep in better than the others in people’s heads is the best in marketing. In reality toothpastes are all the same. The toothpaste I am using lately for example, I chose it simply because it was one of the cheapest. Well, you won’t believe it but it has the same characteristics (color, taste, smell, detergent capacity) of a much, much more “noble” one that I have used for years. It is a manufacturer that does not do much publicity, but it belongs to a larger brand that is associated with natural products. You know, those made with herbs.

The marketing principles as you see are always the same and have remained unchanged for more than 50 years. The strategies, however, are refined. 20 years ago it was enough to say “Durbans smile” to sell a product. Today it is no longer enough and it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the product that make it different from all the others. So, if a slogan was enough, now instead they need unique and incredible features. For example: “the substances contained within the toothpaste are fixed inside the micro-pores of the enamel and repair it”. Hmmm … almost like the mason’s filler. But will it be true?

I often mention toothpaste in my posts. I guess now you’re thinking I’m fixated on toothpastes. Or you will think that I have a morbid relationship with everything that has to do with cleaning teeth. : D No, none of this: the truth is that it is only a type of product that lends itself well to marketing speeches.

To sum up: having understood all the principles without knowing anything about the techniques and strategies of online sales, you need nothing. In the same way, if you know all the techniques but have not fully grasped the principles, you will not make a penny. We need both: principles and techniques. This is why making money online is easy (the principles are simple), but at the same time it is very difficult (the techniques and strategies are complex).

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