A British study published in ” The Telegraph “, the first of its kind, found the impact of medicines on the physical activity of 400 people. For those who had high blood pressure, l ‘ exercise it was as effective as the medicines to reduce the pressure. 

Over the past 10 years, between 2006 and 2016, 50% more high blood pressure medicines were prescribed in the UK. UK Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock urged doctors to prescribe exercise, through volunteer and gardening groups to improve health and anxiety. 

Today almost 7 million Britons have high blood pressure, over 140 out of 90 and have to take medicines. 

The study conducted by the “London School of Economics and Political Science” found that training programs for those who suffer from hypertension, such as walking,  jogging or gym sessions  associated with strength  training activities tend to be more effective than drugs . 

Taking fewer medicines does nothing but protect patients from the risks caused by taking too many pills. The phenomenon of poly-therapy is always increasing and it is increasingly difficult to persuade people and their habits.  

Patients should not immediately stop their medicines but use this study to discuss it with their doctor confronted on how to take care of your health. The 5 steps to take care of your heart are: 

  1. do cardio exercises like walking, cycling or swimming 
  2. relax doing yoga and meditation 
  3. quit smoking 
  4. eat healthy 
  5. maintain a healthy weight 

Lead author Huseyin Naci of the Department of Health Policy stated:

We do not think, based on our study, that patients should stop taking their antihypertensive drugs. But we hope our findings will lead to  evidence-based discussions between doctors and patients.    Physicians who prescribe physical exercise to their patients should in turn ensure that they  give advice  as appropriate to the person as possible. 

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