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The forums and communities’ online are great ways to earn online and make money .

The wonderful thing about this type of site is that the content is created by users who visit the site.

How many of us suffer to keep articles published on our blog.

In forums, users create content. Content that then attracts search engines and new users, and the vicious circle is generated by bringing recurring earnings without major efforts.

The biggest problem to generate this vicious circle and the related gains, is to be able to launch the forum or the community and have users who start posting.

Generally the start up is very difficult, and many of these initiatives fail miserably. Even if the forum receives traffic , visitors who are in front of an empty forum will hardly register or return to visit it.

To work around this problem there are various options to enrich a young forum that we want to launch, some good, some less so!

1) You can ask a few friends to help you start some discussions. If you manage to have about twenty people who are present every day writing and answering for a couple of months you may have a good chance to launch your forum in a short time and start earning ! 
This is the most common type of approach for launching a forum. It requires a lot of work, lots of friends and lots of time!

2) You can pay someone to post in the forum. There are so many freelancers that would be available and would willingly accept to create activities in your community (if the offer is good, I would also participate !!!) The problem with this approach could arise from the quality of the posts!

3) Create contest. Attract visitors to post a certain number of times to be able to participate. Naturally the prizes must be attractive. Furthermore, it is necessary to promote the contest and make sure you get the best buzz possible.

4) Automate the creation of posts. What I suggest is not to make copies of other forums or to infringe on the copyrights of others. Maybe you already know Yahoo! Answers, a site full of any kind of content. Here, I found a software that is very easy to install and that you can use to populate your forum with all the questions and answers found on Yahoo! Answers in a few minutes.

And the way the software uses Yahoo! Answers is totally legal and compliant with Yahoo! rules.

The software is called Vumpost .

Vumpost works with PHPBB 2 and with VBulletin.

To test Vumpost, I created a forum for naturally on Making Money and Making Money .

Just enter the keywords you are interested in on Vumpost and in a few seconds your forum will be full of content.

The content is not new. But it’s relevant to what you’re dealing with.

I suggest you use this method to start your community for two reasons.

First, Google will see the content and index your pages.

But more importantly, community visitors will see content and increase the chances that they sign up and start posting.


There is a better method among those listed above to create a new online community. In my opinion No. Everybody is good, you have to determine what will work best for you.

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