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Shopping online nowadays is the prerogative of many, something that is now difficult to give up given the many opportunities for savings and easy retrieval of any type of product. If you are tied to the old forms of traditional trade, that is those linked to the store in your home or to your trusted retailer, with the new e-commerce sites you will have to change your mind. Think, even the shopping you do every day can now be done from the comfort of your home, just a click away. Do not you believe it? Let’s find out how through a list of the most famous e-commerce sites in Italy.

  • Amazon – It is the largest online shopping portal in the world together with Alibaba and it really provides all kinds of products for your needs. Amazon operates in two ways: it sells and ships products on its own, and at the same time gives third-party sellers the opportunity to have their own space on an area dedicated to them, calledMarketplace. This allows you to always have a wide choice for each individual item, being able to opt for the one with the lowest cost or the most favorable shipping and warranty conditions. With you have the possibility of havingunlimited free shipments, thanks to a subscription that requires only a few euros a month, called Amazon Prime. Your purchases will never leave you unsatisfied: if a product does not meet your expectations or arrives damaged, you can make it free of charge and receive a full refund in a timely manner . Great, don’t you think? Finally, if you want to revolutionize the way you shop, with Amazon Pantry you can buy food, drinks, detergents and everything you need at home, receiving everything conveniently at home and in no time.
  • ePRICE – Often associated with the sale of household appliances , it has recently expanded its range of products to the audio and TV, home and kitchen, IT and telephony sectors. In short, even on ePRICE you can shop smart, especially in the field of technology . The site dedicated to online purchases, in fact, offers you convenient solutions to buy technological devices of a certain value, while for the little ones it remains preferable to evaluate alternatives. This is because, for products that exceed € 249.99, you will have the option to pay in installments ; more than € 199 spent, in addition, your shipment will be free and you can pick up your purchases independently in the appropriate lockers .
  • Ebay – The historic e-commerce portal remains one of a kind, with clear differences compared to the competition. Ebay makes it possible to buy both from registered stores, which have their own space and a relative window on the site, but also from private sellers , who can publish real sales announcements. With Ebay you undoubtedly have less certainty about shipping times and the reliability of the seller, because the platform only acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the buyer. For its part, the site strongly suggests Paypal as a payment method, so as to have all the security and guarantees of the case in the eventuality of problems. At Ebay, at the same time, you can buy both in the classic mode “Buy it now ”, according to the price defined by the seller, both in“ Auction ” mode , with which you can try to win your favorite products at lower prices.
  • Aliexpress – It is part of the e-commerce giant Alibaba and is a reference point for the sale of retail products , especially in the technological branch, but not only. On Aliexpress you will find an infinite number of products from China at prices that are often torn up. Covers, cables and accessories for your smartphone, for example, are often available for just a few euros or even a few cents . From the qualitative point of view, obviously, it is necessary not to have high expectations, just as for the expedition it is necessary to be patient and wait for the transportation times, not really fast, from the eastern country.

If purchases made in China meet your expectations, we finally recommend other interesting e-commerce portals: Alibaba , or the wholesale version of Aliexpress, the renowned Wish and the emerging Joom .

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