This is very popular in 2016 more than ever, with designers gearing for the “cool” vibe that’s effortless, casual, edgy, with a sense of rebelious attitude. It has all the edginess of punk without the dark theme. Colorful shirts, oversized Coats, baggy pants and white kicks or heels. Street style is enough enough to let you ride the subway yet trendy enough for a front seat at fashion week.

In 2016, street winds are more prevalent than ever. Designers create a “cool” feeling through a relaxed, casual, avant-garde and rebellious attitude. Just like the avant-garde punk after removing the dark side. Colourful tops, oversized jackets, loose pants, and white sneakers or high-heeled shoes, the street style can make you feel comfortable enough to take the subway, but also stylish enough to appear in the front row of the Fashion Week show.

Bohemian style

Prominent models and celebrities sport “Boho” style, a popular style on social media. With the emphasis on exotic prints, fringes & patterns, loose tops and fitted shorts/pants, such as earrings, necklaces, Bundles and rings. This gives gypy-inpsired look that is free in spirit and alluring.

The bohemian style can also be called the “Boho” style, which is popular on social networks through the role of supermodels and celebrity effects. This style of clothing usually comes with exotic prints, stripes and patterns, a loose top with tight shorts/trousers, and paired with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. This fascinating style evolved from Gypsy shows a sense of freedom.


Minimallist fashion is all about simplicity, “less is more”. It’s not about abandoning patterns or detailing but rather has simplicity/streamlining is the main focus of the style. Since simple garments does not have any details to Distract from construction problems. The minimalist woman also prefers modern architectural accessories to compliment her wardrobe and light or natural makeup.


Minimalist fashion follows the simplistic theme, the principle of “less is more” and sometimes even takes it to the extreme. Minimalism doesn’t mean abandoning the embellishment of patterns and details, but more about highlighting simple, crisp shapes and streamlined cuts. Because there is almost no embellishment in this type of clothing, the small workmanship in this case is easily magnified.
Women who wear minimalist styles often like to wear geometrical architectural jewellery to enrich the entire look, with a light makeup.

Gothic style

Goth or gothic is a style of dark and sometimes morbid themes. This style mostly uses black color for garments, eyeliner, lipstick and nail color. Accessories include religious symbols such as crosses or something sharp like blades or spikes. Accents of blood red & purple On hair, garments or accessories. There are times when this look crosses over to punk and vice-versa.

Goth (Goth / Gothic) is a theme that expresses darkness and sometimes horror. This style is usually full of black as the main color, used in clothing, eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish. Accessories usually have religious symbols such as crosses, or sharp knives or thorns. In hair color, clothing, and accessories, there is usually a special emphasis on blood red and purple. Sometimes this style will bring some punk style, of course, punk also usually has Gothic elements.


This style has the strong influence of the American West and Southwest, the cowboy and rodeo themes. Denim and leather is a popular fabric, with cowboy hats and boots. Details include fringes, enlarged belt buckles, leather engraving, metal studs, Chunky jewelry and cowboy motifs.

This style is strongly influenced by the cowboy and matador scenes in the western and southwestern United States. Denim and leather are the main fabrics, paired with cowboy hats and boots. The details include tassels, exaggerated belt buckles, leather carvings, and metal linings, heavy jewellery and denim.

Classic style

Black and white and neutrals are the main colors, but sometimes other colors pop in as lipstick or accessories. Fabrics are of the highest quality and has impeccable tailoring. Uncluttered, elegant Sophisticated classic silhouettes summarize this look.

The classic style is very comfortable, while revealing a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Black and white and neutral colors are the main colors, and sometimes bright colors of lipstick or accessories are used as the highlight of the overall shape. Made with the finest quality fabrics and the most impeccable cuts. Neat and elegant, dignified and elegant, and meticulously tailored contours are the theme of this style.

College style

This style is often characterized as “smart-but-fun American-college-girl vibe”. This style includes Polo shirts, cardigans, sweaters worn over shirts, pantss or pants (not tight) styled with a headband. Nautical stripe patterns and light Colors are signature to this style. The preppy girl doesn’t really follow trends but stick more on smart, casual garments. They don’t wear makeup so much, just a lip gloss, and have their hair down or in a lose bun or Ponytail.

This is a dress style that is described as “smart and funny American college girl”. Most of the clothes are in Polo shirts, sweaters, shirts, sweaters, skirts or trousers (non-tight) and headscarves. Sailor suit stripes and bright tones are the hallmark highlights of this style. College-style girls are not chasing the trend, more is to keep smart and casual dress style. They don’t make too much makeup, usually put the hair down naturally, or loosely pull it up, or tie a ponytail.


This style signifies the artistic woman, usually with a camera in hand or wears headphones most of the time, and her artistic inclination shows as she loves unique design details in her garments. She has a penchant for creating her own clothes and accessories. For this look are fancy hats, decorative eyewear and contrasting elements in her look, for she is not afraid to mix & match.

Artistic women usually wear this style. They usually carry a camera or take headphones with most of the time. Her artistic inclinations are often expressed in the unique design details of the clothing or accessories she likes. She likes to make her own clothes and accessories. Typical of these styles are usually beautiful hats, delicate glasses, and contrasting elements in her overall shape. They never mind mixing.


Synonymous to the fashionable woman, the trendy “chic” has their closet filled with the latest styles and well made clothes. She exudes a feminine sensuality whether she is showing a little leg or from a body conscious silhouette, but she is never vulgar. The woman Is well versed with designer brands, and knows the best pairing of tops and bottoms– silhouettes that flatter her figure. She can throw a look that looks great on flats as well it does on heels. Her sunglasses is always in her bag, and Speaking of bags she has as much as her shoes– she owns different shapes and sizes.

Chic usually refers to very fashionable women, whose wardrobes are covered with the latest season’s popular mixes and exquisite clothes. Whether it’s a little leg or a well-dressed outfit, her femininity is evident, but it’s never tacky. She is very familiar with the designer brand, and she is well-matched – those that best highlight her body advantage. Her collocation is very beautiful whether she wears flat shoes or high heels. Her sunglasses are always in the bag. When it comes to bags, her handbags are as much as her shoes – she has a variety of different shapes and styles. Bags and shoes.


Popularized in the 1970’s but still is prominent today, punk has taken many forms and modifications.
It has a dark air to it like Goth but unlike goth it can take a bright color and pair it with dark colored garments to complete the look. Musicians like Madonna, Debbie Harry, and Avril Lavigne has popularized this look with dyed hair, layered accessories , tartan, short skirts and tights.

Punk became popular in the 1970s and has been very popular until now. Punk has many different forms and variants. It has a darker style like a goth, and unlike Gothic, it can add some bright colors to match the dull colors. Singers such as Madonna, Debbie Harry, and Avril Lavigne have become popular in this style. They have iconic dyed hair, layered accessories, plaids, short skirts and tights.


Rocker style is characterized by wild messy hair, eyeliner, t-shirt with a print of a rock band, leather jacket, torn jeans, heels or sneakers and a whole lot of rockstar confidence. A rocker look can go from glam to grunge by adding The right accessories. The whole look is generally tough and wild giving a nod to rockstars (musician) on-stage look.

Rock-and-roll logos often have messy hair, thick black eyeliners, T-shirts with rock bands, leather jackets, ripped jeans, high heels or sneakers, and the unique confidence of rock stars. The accessories determine whether the rock style is awkward or gorgeous. The overall style of rock is rude and wild, with reference to the style of rock stars on stage.

Tomboy wind

For the cool girl who sometimes dresses like a boy… printed t-shirts, oversized shirts, baggy/skinny jeans and leather flats or chuck taylors make up for this not-so-feminine but pretty look. She will still wear a dress Of course, but it will not be anything frilly, lace, or in pink. She wears little or no make-up, and her hair is either back or in a neat ponytail.

Women of this style usually wear masculine dresses. Patterned T-shirts, loose shirts, loose/tight jeans, leather flats or canvas shoes create a feminine look. They also wear skirts, but not ruffle, lace, or pink. Usually light makeup or plain, the hair is usually a big back or a simple and clean ponytail.



The romantic style is always very feminine, with soft ruffles, transparency, flounces, frills, bows, lace and voluminous skirts. Their style is more like a modern princess in a fairy tale. Their cheeks blush pink and they have soft color and shine On their lips. They love floral accents as well as little hearts.

The romantic style is popular in magazine covers as it exudes a beautiful, feminine, soft mood. The romantic style is very feminine, and the clothing usually has soft pleats, transparent fabrics, ruffles, pleats, trims, lace, and diffused skirts. This kind of woman is like a modern princess living in her own fairy tale world. Light pink blush and light-colored lip gloss are the characteristics of their makeup. They usually like flowers and loving patterns. The romantic style is filled with the beauty and gentleness of women, so it often appears on the cover of magazines.


This style, which is French for Vanguard, is an innovative form of fashion not bound by what is accepted as standard. There is innovation in both silhouette and technique, and women who dresses is this style is likely to stand out from the crowd. From An over sized silhouette to a oddly placed detail, avant garde fashion is a true example with regards to the flow of fashion, it always moves forward. Because of it’s nature, makeup, hair and accessories are equally as creative.

Avant-Grade is avant-garde in French, avant-garde. This is an innovative fashion style that is not accepted or accepted. These types of clothing have great improvements and innovations in the shape and production process, so women of this style are easy to stand out from the crowd. From the exaggerated silhouette to the details, the avant-garde style is a good interpretation of the fashion trend, always at the cutting edge. Due to their style, their makeup, hair style and accessories will have more creativity and thoughts.

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