Online Earning

Earning online with the Contest has become a fad, probably because it really works.

The Contest allows you to create an incredible source of backlinks for your site, very important to get high rankings in search engines and above all on Google.

We find dozens of examples of this technique, among those that have had the most success, I remember the contests of Geekissimo and TheAppleLounge.

Browsing the net you realize how the contests are also evolving compared to the models we were used to.

Below you will find tips on how to make your contests viral and attract as many links, visitors and readers as possible.

Here is the Viral Contest model created by Nuovibusiness which ensures excellent results:

“Earn 1 Ticket: Subscribe to my RSS feed through your email. This will allow you to enter the draw with a ticket. (Feedburner offers the rss feed registration form for free, you can request registration to your mailing list, the advantages of this example are many, but the most important is the possibility of building an email list for future advertising campaigns ).

Earn 5 Tickets with an Article: Write an article about this contest and link to the contest page with a link without rel = nofollow. (Benefits are the passage of Page Rank and the resulting advertising)

Earn 5 Tickets with Facebook: Add me as a friend on Facebook. (Facebook is one of the fastest

growing social media outlets, with impressive user basins, having many friends on Facebook will allow you to advertise and do marketing in the future.)

Earn 10 Tickets with Facebook: As soon as you are added as my friend, publish an article about this contest on your Wall. (It is worth the speech made above with the advertising that will reach all the friends of each participant in the contest. Very viral)

Earn 2 tickets with Twitter: Follow me on Twitter. (Twitter as Facebook is a great site to create contacts, friendship and many new readers.)

Earn 10 tickets with Twitter: Write a post on this contest on Twitter and insert a link to this article. (Twitter is another great way to make yourself known and is very Viral).

Earn 10 tickets with MySpace: Publish an article on the bulletin board with a link to the contest. (MySpace still has enormous potential to make your contests viral.)

Earn 15 tickets with Youtube: Publish a video titled “Win a ……. on “. Important that in the video the address of the blog is clear. (Youtube is another inexhaustible source of visits, which will continue even after the contest!)

If you complete all the actions listed above you will have plenty of chances to win the contest. Good luck.”

As you can see, the potential to make a contest become viral following this format is endless.

Do not underestimate this method in the launch of your blogs, websites, portal, infoproducts etc. with a few coins you can match the results of large advertising campaigns.

You just need to be able to involve readers with a very desired gift, possibly from both women and men!

Now you have an extra weapon in your arsenal, make the most of it!

Earning online has never been easier! 

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