Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used for online personal or business transactions. This currency ensures fast online transactions, it is a new way to make payments for the things we buy and is becoming very popular. This virtual money is like an online version of cash. Many stores have begun to accept this money and are expected to see bitcoin on a large scale in the markets very soon.

Why use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtual money and is designed for global commerce, as easy to use as a credit card, can be used worldwide for the same value. Another reason for using Bitcoin is security, our identity is safe from identity theft as the use of bitcoin takes place anonymously. All transactions are recorded and no one can guess what our transaction is. Bitcoin is open source, its design is public and nobody owns and controls Bitcoin and everyone can be part of the project, they are not controlled by governments or banks and there are no taxes or bank fees to pay.

How does Bitcoin work?

Most currencies are created and controlled by the government and shoulders while Bitcoin is a decentralized currency generated through software. Its system is fair and the price is on the free market and is controlled by no particular person or organization. Every bitcoin is basically a computer file stored in a “digital wallet” that can be installed on a PC or Smartphone or be online but for greater security it would be advisable to have our wallet downloaded on our PC. It is possible to receive or send bitcoins through our digital wallet, bitcoins are received and sent via an address in the form of a 34-character alphanumeric code similar to this 1Hadfrorytvhjng78hgf6ggHhgf4gGfdsf. Every transaction we make will be recorded in the list of public registers known as the blockchain. This feature helps keep the system safe from fraud and other abuses, Bitcoin is a secure virtual currency that cannot be duplicated or falsified.

How to start earning Bitcoins

You can earn bitcoins in different ways. We begin to create our own online portfolio. You can get bitcoins for sales of our items sold online in platforms that accept bitcoins instead of cash or credit cards. You can also create bitcoins with the computer jargon they say “undermine” or buy bitcoins for real money, for information on Bitcoin and create the digital wallet go to the officialBitcoin website . Here is a list of sites to earn Bitcoins for free without undermining.

You earn Bitcoins by visiting websites at 5 minute intervals

Bitcoins are earned by watching YouTube videos

Free bitcoins  
Every hour bitcoins can be earned and by registering the gain increases

Every hour you can participate in 5 free draws in which we can win bitcoins 

Every hour you can earn bitcoins for free 

Every hour you can earn bitcoins for free
A-adsYou get bitcoins by inserting advertisements and banners on our website 

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