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I received a comment from a reader asking me to watch some of his videos and to give a personal opinion on the things he says. Instead of replying with a comment, I decided to write an ad hoc post. But my answer will be a bit peculiar, because over the years, in my blog I have already repeated many concepts several times and today I will not be here to repeat them for the umpteenth time. What I will do today will be a sort of mini course on Internet marketing, including a link to the various posts. Here is what I have said so far about Internet marketing and online earnings:

  1. The guru’s bins . Is it true that money is on the lists? Do the lists work? Is it important to have millions of members in 3 days? Is content really the most important thing? In this post you will find all the answers. You will also understand why a report like “the 7 euro secrets” is valid and why whoever created that report earned a lot of money.
  2. Marketing acrobats . Do lists allow you to make a lot of money? Yes, but the balance between ethical sales and fraudulent sales is very weak indeed.
  3. 5 false myths of Internet marketing . 5 false myths of Internet marketing analyzed: 1) content is king, 2) earning with passions, 3) money is on the list, 4) long sales letters, 5) testimonials.
  4. To earn money online, do you need to teach how to make money online ? In Internet marketing, do you earn only those who teach you to make money online? This question that recurs often is really stupid. Internet marketing is a tool and you can use it to sell tennis shoes or training courses. A training course can teach you how to fish but can also teach you Internet marketing.
  5. How to start a serious online business . When we talk about earning money online, we need to make a distinction between the thousands of systems that allow you to collect small coins and a serious online business. A serious online business is a real business. When you start a serious online business, you are setting up a business.
  6. That’s why online earnings don’t work . This is why the “niche” of the online earning market is the last niche on earth where you have to stick. If you stubbornly put yourself in it, then don’t complain if you don’t make money. It is possible but it is very difficult. In this post I will explain why this statement of mine.
  7. Selling infoprodotti still pays ? Yes, in this post I’ll explain why.
  8. Niches and passions . The false myth of passion as the sole engine of online earnings.
  9. The real secrets to making money are not disclosed . A true guru has secrets that he will never divulge. Yes, you can sell a guide or a complete course, but some little things will never tell you. Don’t get me wrong: the course can be excellent, but to be able to learn all the secrets, it takes years of work alongside an expert. Obviously I am talking about real gurus, that is, people who have years of experience behind them.
  10. How to discover for free the secrets of the fake gurus . In Italy people are individualistic and jealous of what little they know. In other countries the opposite happens and you find a lot of information for free. But be careful: finding quality information for free is an art. Personally I could write a whole guide dedicated to the art of finding free quality information. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write it seriously.
  11. How to become a superguru in 5 minutes . Here’s how to discover Sunday’s superguru. Characters born out of nothing that only 1 year before were doing anything else. Unlikely experts on subjects that normally require years of study and experience that – with incredible ease – throw themselves into the glittering world of Internet marketing gurus.
  12. Web marketing and online earnings are NOT incompatible . This is why web marketing and online earnings – despite being two completely different things – can go perfectly together. Making distinctions is wrong and reveals presumption or superficiality.

Well, at this point I would like to conclude by warning those approaching the world of online earnings and Internet marketing for the first time: do not generalize . When I say that there are many smoke sellers, it does not mean that Internet marketing is synonymous with smoking sales. When I speak ill of certain long sales letters full of fake testimonials, it does not mean that all sales letters are synonymous with the sale of smoke. The sales letter is an indispensable tool for selling products on the Internet.

In the world there are always two categories: ethical sellers and smoke sellers. That’s why I advise you not to generalize, especially if you know nothing about these things. Do not like certain characters that run in forums like AlVerde, who brand you with contempt as an “ebook seller”, assimilating yourself to a door-to-door salesman of vacuum cleaners. Do you know what results these denigrators get? I no longer write in those forums, so those who denigrate lose the opportunity to read free information on systems and strategies to make money online.

Attention, I made the same mistake in the past: I threw away many years, because I thought I already knew everything, treating some Internet marketing experts like door-to-door vacuum cleaners. I have a sin of presumption. Moral? If I hadn’t had all these prejudices, I would have started creating business online long ago . So remember: think 100 times before shooting someone at zero.

Finally, a last very small clarification. It is something that I do not digest and I tell you clearly: it is not possible to receive quality information for free. Clear? If I lost 15 years of my life fighting between HTML codes, SEO and website promotion, how can you expect me to teach you everything I’ve learned, for free? But above all: the creation of a video has a cost. It is necessary to prepare the topics, perhaps slides, everything must be recorded, the video must be edited several times, errors must be corrected and re-recorded, an audio commentary must be recorded, a musical abbreviation must be entered (purchasing the rights), etc. All this takes time and work. Creating a video can take many hours. A video saves you a lot of time, so it has a very high value. That’s why it can’t be sold for just a few euros. Who does it, behaves like those Chinese who work 12 hours a day and get paid 20 euros.  It destroys the market . If you destroy the market, you will also destroy YOURmarket. That’s no good. It is the Chinese or the Indians who are underpaid, not we Westerners who are too expensive. The same goes for those who sell ebooks, videos or courses at bargain prices. Or for those who develop websites at bargain prices. Can you imagine what would happen if plumbers started to come up and fix the bathroom faucet for free? How could plumbers react who – rightly – get paid? You pay for quality and rightly so . Would you work 12 hours a day for 500 euros a month? I doubt it and if you do you are to blame, because in life there are always better opportunities. It all depends on you.

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