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How do you make money from home? Here are 10 ideas for making money in 2018

10 methods to earn online by working from the comfort of home

Are you wondering how you can make money working from home? There are tons of online jobs waiting for you, and with each passing day, they increase more and more. In some cases these are tasks under commission, in others you will be able to try out an activity of your own that will earn you at least as much as a salary, and sometimes, even more.

The list we will present shortly is the one for you. I know many people who live working from home, do their own thing and have time to travel and dedicate themselves to other passions. We will talk about sales on Amazon, of teaching Italian, of starting a blog, of creating an eBook and much more. I hope these stories spark your interest and can inspire you to learn how to make money online.

The list is constantly updated, so if you have other ideas or proposals, write them down in the comments. All these home-based jobs require effort and time to devote like any other job: don’t fool yourself into becoming rich without rolling up your sleeves. The hard work will then bring its substantial fruits. Are you ready? Then we leave.

01. Sell products on Amazon

Yes, you can make money by selling products on Amazon. The largest e-commerce in the world supports dozens of people who live by selling items online. Take for example Jessica Larrew of “The Selling Family” which tells in its course how this possibility has turned into a successful business.

Jessica started selling her products through Amazon FBA last year and working around 20 hours a week earned about $ 100,000. Amazon FBA: what is it? We see it immediately. FBA is an acronym that stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon” and differs from FBM, or “Fulfillment by Merchant” (delivery paid by the seller). In practice, it is about selling products using Amazon’s logistics.

In a nutshell, Jessica selected and bought low-cost products that she then resold through her Amazon store , using Amazon ‘s same warehouses for storage. Obviously this service is not free , the space that your products occupy in their warehouse has costs that vary according to the size and weight of the goods, you can find everything in the Amazon tariff .

And the Amazon commissions? For some articles they are really interesting, for others we can consider them in the norm:

  • Amazon device accessories: 45%
  • Jewelry: 20%
  • Cars and motorcycles: 15%
  • Baby products 15%
  • Books, music, videos and DVDs 15%
  • Tires: 10%
  • Consoles and video games: 8%
  • Electronics: 7%
  • Everything else: 15%

Are you ready to sell products on Amazon FBA? Then don’t miss the amazing Amazing Selling Machine course, with the best buying and selling techniques updated to 2018.

02. Open a blog

Creating a blog can sometimes be a source of income even if the competition is numerous and ruthless. Blogging can change your life for the better and if you like writing it is a real way to make money with your passion.

Nowadays it’s not enough to write well, you also have to become experts in SEO positioningkeyword research and analysislink building, persuasive writing, and then become masters in creating useful and quality content.

We have said it many times and here we repeat it again: you can’t make money overnight with a blog, you need a great deal of time (especially at the beginning), constant dedication and patience. Usually the most profitable blogs are the ones you have found online for many years, those to which the authors have devoted all their energies.

3. Teaching online

Here is another concrete opportunity to earn from home honestly. Just register, one best site (certainly the most organized) to become a distance teacher.

How does it work? The registration to the site is free, you only need a computer, to install Skype (because the lessons take place by video call), to use headphones and a microphone to start teaching It online, without any experience. Alternatively you can also use a Smartphone or tablet, but a laptop or desktop computer is still better.

Once you have registered with the site, you must complete your teacher card by writing a presentation and recording a short video while you speak in Italian. If you are a beginner with teaching, you must register as a “community tutor” and work with people who already have a minimum knowledge of the language. 

Once approved, you can start looking for your future students. Having no experience (or even feedback) you should start with a very low rate to start getting yourself known. Otherwise you should be active in the site community, frequently answering questions in the “Answers” section or doing text correction in the “Notebook” section. This way, when a user searches for teachers, your profile levels up.

04. Virtual home secretary

Working on the internet allows us to be definitely more productive during the day, so you can spend your time  doing tasks (let’s call them “tasks”) for people who don’t have time and pay you for it.

What are the tasks generally required of virtual assistants? Management of company social profiles, creation or correction of texts, organization of appointments or trips, email management. In practice, everything that needs to be done in the business world, but that the owners have no time to do.

5. Open an online store

Today you can open a shop on the internet even without experience, the important thing is to have your project and the system clearly in place to complete it. Let’s see what are the key points to keep in mind to open a business of this type, with the knowledge that you will need a good deal of time to do everything.

  • Choose a niche of products , which is “winning”, so take time to inform yourself, research and decide which products to sell
  • Find suppliers , which can be both online and physical, always keep in mind the minimum order quantities and search for contacts in the industry forums
  • Set up your e-commerce on a platform like Shopify , Wiz , or create your site on wordpress, buy a domain and customize your store
  • Make promotion (using your social media profiles or for a fee, via Facebook Ads or Google Adwords) and use marketing strategies to attract customers to your virtual store

06. Online proofreader

Are you looking for a new job, or do you want to supplement your salary with additional profits? Are you knowledgeable in grammar and can’t stand writing and typing errors? Then maybe you could consider working as an online proofreader .

What makes this activity more interesting than others? Proofreaders can apply a generally higher hourly rate than other online jobs because they are professionals.

The difficulty lies in finding the first customers, which is why it is better to initially rely on a site like Fiverr that connects customers and professionals. Once you have gained experience and obtained a good reputation, you can build your page on sites like Upwork and make offers and proposals.

07. Create an eBook

Here is another way to earn money working from home, great if you already have a blog. Creating an eBook , (or even video-courses) can be an excellent source of income, but what topics can be addressed in your product? How to write? We will see them now.

Writing is not easy and even less so creating an electronic book, but it is not even impossible, and by following a few simple steps you will be able to create and trade your new product. It is advisable to take at least three months to devote to writing, reviewing and launching the eBook.

In case you already have a blog and therefore a following of readers already fond of (and maybe a mailing list), the eBook can become a tool to deepen the topics of your posts and solve the needs and requests of readers. The fundamental point is the organization . Before the launch you must have designed a calendar for publications on social networks, for sending emails (that’s why it’s important to have a mailing list) and the setting of payment systems.

8. Buy and sell products online

This is also possible: buy a product from a low-priced market and sell it on another at a higher price , earning it. Some even do it with houses: they buy one to renovate, do the work and then sell it at a much higher price.

Think about what you can buy at flea markets or second-hand shops , special items, “unique” items to sell on eBay or Facebook marketplaces . The difference between you and a thrift store is that you know you can sell online, while he may not even know about sites like eBay.

09. Become a freelance writer

We have already presented the activity of proofreader, and now we see a similar one: the freelance writer . Internet is based on content , which must be increasingly quality to meet the needs of users, but also of search engines, Google in the first place.

You therefore understand that there is a continuous and constant search for qualified people able to write excellent texts . We have already mentioned the Fiverr site , the meeting point for all freelancers and if we go to the ” Writing & Translation ” section we realize what is required. Articles and blog posts, business copywriting, letters, research, creative writing, press releases and legal writing .

10. Become a transcriber

Not to be confused with the “translator”: the activity of transcriber, generally involves writing a text coming from an audio file, a video, an interview , a podcast, a webinar, just to give some examples.

If you think it’s just “listening and writing” to the computer, however, you’re wrong, because you need training and experience . To do this work from home, you must know the grammar, punctuation , spelling of the words and above all you must learn to use specific software .

The transcriber is therefore not a job for everyone , but if you are really good and you sell well, then it will not be difficult to find jobs to play always on the Fiverr site , which we have already named.


These are just some of the jobs you can do at home to supplement your salary and maybe some of them will eventually become your future job . How could you see it is very often a matter of opening your own business , or offering your experience to others by getting compensation.

This is not about making easy money, but every single proposal needs work and dedication, especially in the initial stages, those in which the foundations of your new project are built . Working from home is therefore not impossible in 2019, there are so many opportunities . It is all about learning, practicing and over time becoming the best in a particular sector.

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